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Yay, finished at last!

Can’t remember when I started the zebra cross stitch, but at long last it’s done and I can start a different one. Not sure if it will end up as a cushion or what, just glad to be finished!

zebra cross stitch

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Cool Old Fabrics

A quilt highlighting some old fabric pieces for my work plinth. Even the batting is from a recycled duvet inner, which makes the finished blanket very thick and heavy. Love the boy out camping!


small three

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Kiwi Summer Wall Hanging

This is the wall hanging for the second conservatory at the home , with a distinctly kiwi flavour! Quite pleased with the pohutukawa tree trunk.


beach scene

close up of the 1 inch squares.

The mural is made in the ‘water colour’ style using one inch squares and then embellished with thread quilting afterwards. 

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