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Ooh la la it’s pink!

I’m in the process of getting decorations ready for the ladies retreat. Can you guess that the colour theme is brown and pink and the theme is ‘get up and grow.” I’ve already been through one tin of pink spray paint… shame it’s not really my colour, what’s going to happen to all the stuff when the day is over?

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signatures on a quiltA friend asked if I could make a quilt for her mum’s 70th birthday. We finally decided on the charm quilt block and personalised it with each family member’s signature on a different block.

Everyone wrote their signature on a piece of paper then I traced it on to calico and embroidered on top to give their authentic style.

The fabrics chosen were really pretty and this quilt block features the cool material. Quite happy with how the flowers and leaves quilting turned out too. On the back, the family chose this verse to be embroidered and sewn on.

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Rimu Coffee Table

Finally remembered to take a photo of the coffee table Stan made for Jase & Abby. Nice grain in the rimu and I love the chunkier legs!

wood from an old house and a bit from the old pews!

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A little Joker

Yay, a new little boy in the family! Had to make this cute knitted joker to go with the jersey for Asher.

Only 12cm high!

Autumn is here. To go with my pathetically small potato crop, here is my equally small pumpkin harvest!

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It’s going to be hard to give this away ‘cos I like it! The cushion is 30cm square, made of wool and based on the 1967 one cent stamp.

Reissued as a decimal in 1967


The Karaka berry cushion

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