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Friends of ours have had a baby girl. This bright pink will look great on her.

I couldn’t resist these ladybird buttons!

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It was time to make Kelly a new quilt since she had one of my very first attempts. The brief from her was jewel like colours with no brown or other muddy shades. Hmm. I saw a pinwheel quilt that I really liked, so the type of block was decided.

Colours grouped together

Initially I thought that the four colours would look good separated into each corner with just a few blending into each other when they met, like a colour wave. But it looked a bit rainbow like, so I tried mixing it up and Kelly preferred that.

Blue, yellow, purple and green blocks mixed up.

The blocks are 3″, 6″ and 9″ in size. They aren’t lined up in straight lines, so sewing then together was a challenge and meant some ‘inserting’ corners. It was a challenge but Kelly loves the result and I enjoyed making it.

Pinwheel quilt in all its glory!

all over flower quilting

The phlox flower was the inspiration for the all over quilting. The dark grey cotton toned the bright colours down a bit.

close up of the flower quilting

quilts always look better on a bed!

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Have made a new knitting needle bag with crazy quilting…

I lost all my embroidery cottons in the shift but someone has already kindly given me a few to carry on with!

love that fushia stitch at the bottom

Knitted a little beanie from a super simple pattern…

Might line it yet so it's not too itchy

And finally, yay the garden is planted in broccolli, caulis, beetroot, garlic, cabbage, beetroot and broad beans. It’ll be a miracle if they grow with the frosts we’ve been having…

The dirt is almost pure manure scraped off the cows feed pad so the veges will either die of shock or grow well!

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