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The intersecting circle quilt is pinned to within an inch of its life and ready to go under the sewing machine. I have grand designs, so we’ll see if what I imagine is what I end up with.

I like the freshness of this pillow cover

It was time to add something new to the physio room, so here’s the pillow cover I made for my plinth – not that anyone will be allowed to actually use it, it’s just to put out for show!

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I was wondering why my cross stitch just isn’t growing and have concluded that it’s because I never work on it! Instead I’ve been helping Stan on the weekends shift stock…

I knew I'd end up doing this when we shifted out here!


Spring must be nearly here, the garden has started to grow…

cabbage, cauli. garlic. broad beans


I’ve been quilting someone elses quilt for them, a bit nerve wracking but it’s going okay so far…

And finally, I’ve started a quilt for one of Kelly’s flatmates who’s getting married in October. Just haveto stitch those circles down, quilt and bind it…

circle quilt

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Stan’s parent’s celebrated their 80th birthday this weekend with lots of family and friends. It was fun to make the cake, although I make no bones about ending up with an amateur result! It was brilliant getting together, may we have many more celebrations!

Hammers and flowers indicate their hobbies

Lookin' good Mum and Dad!

After Dad sank I learned to put a skewer down the middle

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This quilt is for one of the boys that used to flat with Jason. He’s getting married when he gets back from a fundraising trip in December. The map print is a token remembrance of his trip. I’ve heard that his fiance likes blue – sure hope so since it’s the predominant colour! Da-da, here’s the wonky cross quilt…

Wonky Cross quilt or Blue Cross quilt, call it what you will!


The blue circles are from a felt scarf Kelly made 12 years ago!

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During our week’s holiday we met our friend’s 8 week old baby. Nefsie is so cute and the pink cardigan looked perfect on her – even if she didn’t look too thrilled about making a fashion statement.

Nefsie checking out her toes!

Nefsie with her Dad, lookin' great in pink!

While on holiday the freeform scrumbles grew in number until I had enough to put together another handbag. Voila! an amber toned handbag (or orange to be more honest).

Free form knitted & crocheted handbag

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