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I’ve been wanting to try some different machine quilting stitches so this intersecting circle quilt was the perfect way to practise a variety and showcase them. The brief was for browns and blues and muddy colours…

Circle quilt 85"x85"

machine quilting

dig those rugby balls!

still having fun!

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I’m pretty rapt with how my cowboy turned out. Hard to mistake that it’s a Jean Greenhowe pattern and destined for one of Kelly’s old flatmates who’s soon having a baby… that’s if she has a boy!

rolling the lawn, that thing's heavy!

sowing the grass seed, hope the birds leave some!

Yay, at last there was a break in the weather long enough for Stan to rotary hoe all the lawn, roll it and sow the seed. The birds have had a field day pecking away at it. Hopefully it will start sprouting soon…

Lastly, the circle quilt is in the machine where I’m trying out all kinds of quilting patterns. Some are more successful than others.

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