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Chinese Coin Quilt

Leaves and flowers quilting.

Grey Chinese Coin Quilt

This quilt is destined for the dementia unit fund raising. I love the grey African fabric in the panels. It’s meant to be so a guy or girl would be happy to have it. Size is 81″x81″.

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fiddle cushion or activity cushion for dementia

‘Fern Haven’ is only a week away from having its paperwork audit before it is able to open later in December. So much work has gone into the Greenhouse ethos design that it makes you want to do what you can to help make this an inviting place for the dementia sufferers in our community. I saw this activity cushion on the web and had to have a go at making one. There are all sorts of activities on it like a zip, buttons to do up, abacus beads, ribbons to plait or fiddle with, a squishy toy tethered inside etc.

On the home front, the blimmin grass grub beetles are flipping well chomping through my veges like they’re at a banquet! Stan assures me they won’t be here for long but at this rate there won’t be anything left!

This is a grass grub problem!

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