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School Motto, 'Have Courage.'

School goes back this week so that gave me motivation to make a wall hanging for Abby to put in her classroom. I decided to do a mix of applicate based on photos, symbols of school subjects and foundation paper pieced children and schoolhouses. It made for an interesting mix but I was happy with the final result.

Classroom wall hanging

Writing, reading, maths, sport, social studies, music

I could only fit six subjects on and they probably aren’t even called these names anymore!




I’ve done the native birds before on an earlier quilt so won’t put them up again- except for the tui ‘cos he’s a bit different this time.

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After 3 years of community fundraising, Putaruru’s secure dementia unit opened in December. Kudos to those that drove the concept, we’ve ended up with a great community facility attached to the rest home and hospital. Just a few amature photos to give you an idea of what it looks like inside.

The main entrance, love the slate!


Area where folk come and do activities


One of the lounge seating areas


The open plan dining and kitchen. Residents come and help bake or wash dishes if they want to - with supervision!


The Putaruru Patchwork group generously made a different quilt and cushion for each bedroom. They are amazing!

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Fiddle/activity cushion for man

This activity cushion for someone with dementia has an alkathene pipe and nut abacus, a pocket with keys and a tape measure sewn inside, on the other side it has canvas sandpaper sewn on, a button and flap to button down and a soft toy tethered inside.

This one is much the same but is made of teddy bear fur, has a small purse with a hanky tethered inside and has ribbons to feel on the other side. In case you don’t know what they are for, folk who are restless in the home and are wanting to pick at something or have something for their hands to fiddle with find them quite soothing… but only sometimes. Other times they get thrown onto the floor!

The Koru Cory made a few years ago is aging nicely!

And finally, this amazing poppy came out overnight. Gorgeous colour and it was just in a packet of wildflower seeds.

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Wreathe of plastic baubles glue gunned together on hoop

What a hot summer this is. Most of Christmas and New Year has been spent doing as little as possible! All the same I have been tempted to make a few things that took my fancy. The base of this is an embroidery hoop.

Fudge cake with butter cream then fondant icing on top

Then there was my angst over making this simple wedding cake for friends. The finished result looked okay- tasted good!

Applique flowers wall hanging

One of the residents has a blank wall to look at when in bed, so this will help to liven it up. Think she likes the outdoors.

The grand finale is another itajime wall hanging- for the home this time.

I really like bleaching and overdying

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