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Kahawai Fritters

I don’t usually put recipes on here, but after our fishing trip in the company of two firefighters from Christchurch, I hadto post their recipe ‘cos it was sooo good. We thought the best way to eat kahawai was to smoke it, but this recipe is even better. Probably the closest you’ll get to whitebait fritters without actually catching them. Method: Catch fish, skin and bone it. Cut slivers of kahawai, beat a few eggs, add salt and pepper, add fish and fry. That’s it, delicious!

kahawai fritters, a bit of butter in the oil is good!

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Scrumble handbag

Scrumbles are little knitting or crochet motifs which get joined up, in this case to form a handbag. Prudence Mapstone has a great website which explains it in detail.

Side one of the freeform knitted handbag

Side two, lots of 'scrumbles' stitched to a hessian bag shape and then lined.

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Cat Mat

An old white cat on a blue sofa drives me nuts with all the shedding that goes on. At last Toffee has her own cat quilt, even if it did take a while to warm to the idea…

mice or rabbits?

Why is that thing in my place?

Not so bad after all!

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