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I really like making a quilt that is planned for somebody special. It lets you add specific quirks just for the one you’re making it for. With a new nephew on the way, this cot quilt was so much fun to make. The pukeko pecking the seedling is ‘cos Raglan is full of the pesky garden raiders, the dog is for Dharma who has been the beloved only child for the last 16 years, the puffer fish for the beach, monarch butterflies roost in Raglan trees over winter and the rainbow is for this colourful little family.

Tuck day out 013Tuck day out 015Tuck day out 014Tuck day out 016blended rainbow cot quiltt 005

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I like the way raglan sleeve cardigans fit on little people. The first two outfits are examples of a plain pattern that has been  customised. Unfortunately the pattern isn’t in print any more but there are plenty of examples on line.

pink cardigan 004

Ribbon stitch to add colour.

baby clothes and bunting 001

Lacy diamond panel

baby clothes and bunting 003

King Cole Jersey



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This continuous folding puzzle caught my eye to have in the hospital lounge at work. It’s hard to capture in a photo how therapeutic the repetitive folding is. If you search online for a, ‘Blokkenspel sewing tutorial,’ a Dutch site comes up which can be automatically translated. Pre-cut foam blocks can be purchased in NZ from Para rubber. I’ve added the tutorial site address…


blokkenspel 002blokkenspel 003blokkenspel 007

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