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A friend told me about these crab apples she’d had in the States that were good with ham and other meats.¬†After making some up, I agree that they are not only tasty but look pretty with their stalks still on and their shape retained. Here is a tasty version made with what I had in the cupboard.

spiced pickled crab apple 002

  • 1.5 kg crab apples: pare out the bottom blossom area, push a skewer through the length of the core so the flavour can penetrate, then prick the skin so when it splits it doesn’t peel off.
  • 4.5 cups white sugar
  • 3¬†cups water
  • 4.5 cups white vinegar
  • In a twist of cotton fabric tie in 1 teaspoon each of: cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom (optional).

Bring everything but the crab apples to the boil then add enough crab apples to fill two jars at a time. Simmer until crab apples are soft, about 7 mins. Have your clean jars sterilising (I put 2 cm of water in my 2 jars and microwave them for 5 mins) and have lids boiling in a pot.

When the crab apples are ready, I bottle using the overflow method. Use whatever method you feel most comfortable with. Overflow can be hit and miss if you plan on keeping them for years but I like this method for it’s simplicity and preserves don’t hang around our place long enough to spoil! They already taste good but I’m sure they will improve with a bit of time. Enjoy!

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