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My poor thumbs were getting sore from trying to loosen up tight muscles following knee surgery. Luckily for me, Stan was able to turn some very cool massage tools out of ‘Blackwood’ that he’d dried and stored years ago. The smaller one is getting nicely burnished from all the rubbing but the handle was a bit small. The new and bigger one has a better shaped grip which is really comfy in the hand. Thanks Stan!

massage tool and jersey 015

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Back on Line

It’s been a mission getting internet connected at our new home but at last, 3 months later, a service provider to rural areas has hooked us up. You’d think we lived in the back of beyond instead of in the middle of the South Waikato but there you go.

It’s been an eventful 3 months with a ladies retreat to prepare crafts for, our lovely daughter’s wedding and knee surgery for a torn cartilage all done and dusted. The house we now live in is a new build on a recently converted forest to farm block that is owned by the Trust we’ve worked with for years.

It feels like we’ve done this before establishing a new section and making it feel like home. At the moment we’re still surrounded by a sea of mud, waiting for the ground to dry out so we can level the top soil and clear it of the sticks and pine cones to plant grass seed. At least the views are great and the bovine neighbours friendly!

mailbox 001

Tacked our mailbox to the end of the row opposite our driveway to make it easier for the postie.

first month after move 047

You don’t want washing to blow off the line !

first month after move 043

Gorgeous views.

Eli and planters 009

Very interested, especially when they hear Stan’s voice.

new home 003

Top soil down and mowing strips getting laid.

new home 002

Still need to pick up sticks and pine cones before lawn seed goes down.

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