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What a difference some fine weather and hard mahi makes. Thanks to Stan and Ivan we now have a leveled section and grass seed sown. First a pallet dragged behind the ride on lawn mower to smooth out the major ruts. Then a borrowed hand driven rotary hoe with Stan holding on as it bucked and fought it’s way around and around the house. Ivan spent hours on a rake to take out the hundreds of pine cones and sticks. Grass seed on and … DONE! Next day both were feeling sore to the bone but hey, it looks great out there. Today Stan, Cody and John brought the greenhouse up from the last farm and put some posts in so it won’t blow away. Woo-hoo, now it’s been washed and all ready for the frosts to finish and planting to begin. From this …

cake and lawn 004

To this!

section levelled greenhouse moved 006

Getting it just right

section levelled greenhouse moved 014

Washed and ready to go!

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