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Had a lot of fun making up this cot quilt to go overseas. Used the ‘tracing off internet pics’ to make up my applique pieces. I recommend using a pencil rather than a sharpie marker or you’ll have permanent marker all over your screen!

cot quilt kiwiana 006 (2)cot quilt kiwiana 004cot quilt kiwiana 007cot quilt kiwiana 008cot quilt kiwiana 011cot quilt kiwiana 013 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 014 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 015 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 016 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 017 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 018 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 019cot quilt kiwiana 020cot quilt kiwiana 021

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I just had to try doing this ‘cos I haven’t been able to find any fit overs that are light and don’t look like grandmas… oh, I am a granny! I found a cheapo $4 pair of sunnies that became the sacrificial prototype. Choosing the right size and shape is critical to the sucess, spend some time checking they will cover up both the glasses and ear pieces.

Don’t tell Stan but I started cutting the nose pieces off with a serrated cheese knife before I remembered that there might be a tool in the shed that would do the job. Hey, so that’s what a hack saw must be for! Be really careful not to scratch your lenses. The photos below show the process step by step. The Loctite instant adhesive worked brilliantly to glue the nose pieces back on in another place. Might try on a pair I actually like now.

kiwiana cot quilt 012

Choose sunnies that will cover lenses and ear pieces

kiwiana cot quilt 016

Choose solid nose pieces that you can cut off in one piece.

kiwiana cot quilt 019

Don’t use a cheese or steak knife, you might ruin it…

kiwiana cot quilt 025

Use a hack saw to cut off the nose pieces in one piece.

kiwiana cot quilt 027

Now spend hours carefully sanding out the roughness, (shhh, also used an iron to melt smooth)

kiwiana cot quilt 029

Glue the nose pieces inside at the very top to make a shelf to sit on your glasses

kiwiana cot quilt 046

Kind of looks like this

kiwiana cot quilt 044

Camo’s not my thing but they worked, also didn’t come off during a day at the zoo!

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