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It’s always great fun to do something new, especially when it’s for an exceptionally cute little grandson! Here is ‘Jean Greenhowe’s’ Robin Hood knitted up with slightly different colours. I liked the mustard colour for Robin’s hat instead of all green. Now I can’t wait for travel restrictions to finish to deliver Mr. Hood in person and get a granny cuddle at the same time.

Robin Hood Doll

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Our little Leapling grandson had his first but really his fourth birthday yesterday. Since one of his favoured books at the moment is ‘The Dragon Hunters’ by James Russell, it seemed like a good idea to recreate ‘Big Red’ as a birthday cake. With a few hiccups along the way and looking a bit battered by the time he spent in transit, here is… Big Red, the dragon!

Ari cake 04

Big Red still has the broken rope around his tail!

Ari cake 07

3 cakes to be stacked, crumb coated and ready

Ari cake 06

Marshmallow and rice bubble head and tail

Ari cake 05

Pebble and fondant eyes

Ari cake 01

Wings hardened for two days

Ari cake 02

Crushed boiled lollies melted in the oven

Ari cake 03

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