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Having more time than usual after work and weekends it’s been great to have something fun to concentrate on during this lockdown time. A family who also work for Trinity Lands had a baby boy just before the lockdown started, I feel for all the new mums out there who don’t have the support around them that they would normally have. I’ve been thinking of this little family lots, as I looked for animals from India that might fit each colour band. I’m almost sad that this tummy time floor quilt is finished cos it was so much fun to make!


Rainbow quilt with animals from India


Red Panda




Male Indian bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus)


Chameleon (Chamaeleo zeylanicus)






Indian giant squirrel


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Had a lot of fun making up this cot quilt to go overseas. Used the ‘tracing off internet pics’ to make up my applique pieces. I recommend using a pencil rather than a sharpie marker or you’ll have permanent marker all over your screen!

cot quilt kiwiana 006 (2)cot quilt kiwiana 004cot quilt kiwiana 007cot quilt kiwiana 008cot quilt kiwiana 011cot quilt kiwiana 013 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 014 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 015 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 016 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 017 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 018 - Copycot quilt kiwiana 019cot quilt kiwiana 020cot quilt kiwiana 021

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This cot quilt idea came from a block by April Mazzoleni. I love her cute elephant and the patch-worked hill. She had 1 inch squares which I switched out for 1.5 inch squares. Thank you April.

elephant applique cot quilt 004elephant applique cot quilt 008elephant applique cot quilt 006elephant applique cot quilt 002a

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I really like making a quilt that is planned for somebody special. It lets you add specific quirks just for the one you’re making it for. With a new nephew on the way, this cot quilt was so much fun to make. The pukeko pecking the seedling is ‘cos Raglan is full of the pesky garden raiders, the dog is for Dharma who has been the beloved only child for the last 16 years, the puffer fish for the beach, monarch butterflies roost in Raglan trees over winter and the rainbow is for this colourful little family.

Tuck day out 013Tuck day out 015Tuck day out 014Tuck day out 016blended rainbow cot quiltt 005

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With a special little one on its way, it was time to have a go at a pop art quilt. I really like the clean silhouettes of children’s book illustrations from the 50’s so that was what I looked for when I gathered up the animal shapes. The fabrics are a mix of batik and prints and give a vintage vibe while still being fresh. I had fun making it, looking forward to the little grandie’s arrival now!

pop art quilt 003pop art quilt 011pop art quilt 013pop art quilt 014pop art quilt 017pop art quilt 018pop art quilt 007

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A few months ago, Colleen Redit spoke at our church about her work in India with the Christian Mission Charitable Trust. If you google her name you’ll come up with her web site. I bought one of the elephant wall hangings off their fund raising craft table and have turned it in to a cot quilt for one of my friends 🙂

elephant cot quilt 003

elephant cot quilt 006

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The brief for this cot quilt was grey, teal and mustard colours, with a building site theme. I loved doing it since Stan has a tool passion and freely offered advice on which tools and brands I should include. Definitely one of the more fun cot quilts I’ve done 🙂

construction quilt 010

construction quilt 011

applique concrete mixer

applique concrete mixer

applique skill saw

applique skill saw

construction quilt 023

Tool quilt

Tool quilt

applique electric drill

applique electric drill

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