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Back in July I made three Christmas quilts for a friend out of fabric she had collected. Since then they’ve had an addition to the family and the scraps came back to me to try and put another quilt together. This is definitely the last, after this there isn’t enough to make even a stocking for an elf.

stamps and christmas quilt 011stamps and christmas quilt 009stamps and christmas quilt 007



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I have an older friend that recently handed me over an unfinished quilt. Her daughter had made a good start but it went into storage for fifteen years waiting for someone to complete it. My friend gave me the freedom of taking what was there and finishing it however I wanted, so I had the fun of opening the box and making my own plan of how to go forward, ignoring the instructions and doing what I liked. We were both happy with the result and I had something to do in between projects, a win, win scenario 🙂

Eli Lydia Ari quilt, beanie pirate 005flowering tulip quilt 017flowering tulip quilt 015flowering tulip quilt 013

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A young friend had been collecting novelty Christmas fabrics and had amassed three bags of “all sorts,” to one day make into quilts for her children. The challenge eventually came my way to think of a way to put the eclectic mix together into three quilts. Here’s what resulted …

three christmas quilts 016three christmas quilts 013three christmas quilts 012three christmas quilts 020

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This is another quilt that will be heading to Mexico to help furnish the ‘home of hope’ house Stan will be working on. A very simple block but the variety of fabrics gives it life.

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When Stan and the team head to Mexico in a few months, I plan to send a few quilts to help furnish the house they are going to build. This is one of them, a Chinese coin quilt with green sashing and colourful stacked coins.


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Another quilt for the rest home planned in collaboration with Yvonne. She drew me a fantastic cow and I filled it in with fabric and thread. We’ve put it on top of an old, tired itijeme quilt that had passed it’s best … quilt recycling! I was inspired by a master of collage and thread painting, Sophie Standing, take a look at her stuff on line, it’s amazing.


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When there is a free standing piano, how do you make the back of it look pretty? I’ll take any excuse to make a quilt of course!


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