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While looking for a girl’s skirt I came across this tutorial from Dana. It was a little more layered than I was looking for, but Dana’s instructions were so clear to follow that I was easily able to adapt her pattern to just two layers of ruffles and a deeper top waist section to still give the correct length. Thanks Dana.  http://www.madeeveryday.com/2012/03/tutorial-the-layered-skirt.html/

ruffle layered skirt 002


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Good project for a windy Saturday. The pattern is ‘New Look 6269’, fabric from ‘Buzoku, Woodland Bears’. It’s a cotton duck and has a nice structural feel.

bears dress 007

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I won’t lie, I’m going to miss those plastic bags that are so useful for everything from giving veges away in to taking togs to the beach in. Around here they get used until they fall apart. Still, I do agree that they are awful pollutants and can be a pain in the ocean, so very shortly they will be goneski from the supermarkets and a whole new industry in promotional fabric bags will spring up. I’m pre-empting the need to purchase by making my own with a very simple pattern. Sorry about the imperial measurements, all of the cutting and measuring quilting tools that come out of the States are still in inches (?) The dimensions are 14.5 inches square for the front and back, 6 x 14.5 inches rectangles for the sides and base. Handles are 2.5 x 14.5 inches folded in half, stitched and turned. The lining is the same dimension.

shopping bags 009

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It’s always fun to find just the right denim skirt to turn into a bag. Not too wide at the top, long enough to cut a strap from the bottom, no gathers and plenty of pockets to make it interesting. The bonus was costing 80 cents at the op shop!raspberries-denim-bag-from-skirt-005

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The key to making a good bag is to find the right skirt to start with. I like a flared skirt with a front zip and pockets. If it’s long enough, you can use the hem you cut off to make a shoulder strap. It looks best if you line it and add a large dome to close the top. I’ve embellished this one with applique flowers but you can leave it plain if you prefer.


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Sometimes it’s gratifying to make something low tech, fast and simple. Once again plastic containers, scraps of wadding, safety pins and fabric remnants are all the materials you need. Choose the size you want your badge and cut the other templates from there.

wool birds & badges 013wool birds & badges 011

Gather wadding over plastic circle, gather material over wadding, stitch pin to felt circle then sew on the back of the badge. Done 🙂

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This continuous folding puzzle caught my eye to have in the hospital lounge at work. It’s hard to capture in a photo how therapeutic the repetitive folding is. If you search online for a, ‘Blokkenspel sewing tutorial,’ a Dutch site comes up which can be automatically translated. Pre-cut foam blocks can be purchased in NZ from Para rubber. I’ve added the tutorial site address…


blokkenspel 002blokkenspel 003blokkenspel 007

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