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Last year we had enormous fun getting ready for our daughter and son in law’s wedding.  It was a privilege for us to do some hand crafted things as a way of showing our love and support of them. There are so many ideas of what you can do, it boils down to what suits the bride and groom and how much do you can and want to do. Fortunately family on both sides combined their talents to do these special things. I have some of Ruth Gilmour photographer  amazing photos to show the efforts that made it to the day.

hydrangeas drying

Great friends who let me raid their gardens

drying hydrangeas

The variety stuns me, these are only a few of the hundreds we dried for the day.

hydreangeas in tins 01

Using tins and hessian twine for the tables

hydreangeas in galvanised bucket 1

Bigger bunches went into galvanised buckets for floor decorations


Tubs of pampus and hydrangeas went at the entrance

chair hydrangeas

Chair bouquets of hydrangeas wrapped in hessian and twine

chapel inside

outside grain exchange

Pampus at the Grain Exchange entrance.

seating plan

room over view

Inside the Grain Exchange. As night came on the twinkle lights looked better and better.

mr. and mrs. bunting

Mr. and Mrs. stenciled bunting

table setting

Hessian runners, cut rounds of wood and ivy down the middle

twinkle lights on table

Bent wire table number holders

twinkle lights in jar

Twinkle lights make everything look cool!

jam jar 01

Little raspberry jam jar name tags

wedding cake

And the cake on a hessian covered table with an awesome heart carving.


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This cot quilt idea came from a block by April Mazzoleni. I love her cute elephant and the patch-worked hill. She had 1 inch squares which I switched out for 1.5 inch squares. Thank you April.

elephant applique cot quilt 004elephant applique cot quilt 008elephant applique cot quilt 006elephant applique cot quilt 002a

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Spy Cake

It was fun making all of the different elements to go on Eli’s spy cake for his seventh birthday, wish I had half the energy those kids did on the day!

Eli's 7th Birthday 006

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It’s nearly time for a special little grandson to go into a big bed and a great reason to make a little boy’s quilt. Nutex has some awesome fabrics out at the moment and the ‘Nordic Garden’ patchwork block by Gudrun Erla was perfect to make the most of the graphics on the fabric by fussy cutting.

nordic garden 001

Nordic Garden patchwork block by Gudrun Erla

nordic garden 012nordic garden 011nordic garden 015nordic garden 020nordic garden 021nordic garden 014nordic garden 036

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A friend passed me on a box of cotton fabric curtain samples, which were perfect to make catheter bag covers out of. I couldn’t find any patterns so I roughed one up out of a sheet of newspaper. It worked so well that I didn’t want to redraw it, so please excuse the original newspaper pattern below! The lining is unbleached calico. All catheter bags are different shapes and sizes so I basically drew around one for size and shape and went from there.

catheter bag cover 001

Layer the cover fabric and lining fabric, then pattern and cut out.

catheter bag cover 002

Mark where the openings will go for tubes and elastic ties onto the right side of the cover fabric.

catheter bag cover 004

Fold the cover in half, stitch front and back together with a turn down for the open edge. Repeat for lining.

catheter bag cover 008

Put the two right sides together of cover and lining and stitch halfway around top opening. Trim corners, clip inside corners.

catheter bag cover 013

Turn everything to right sides out , push lining to the inside and stitch around the top opening.

catheter bag cover 024

Tricky but hold the layers together with safety pins and make large buttonholes where you have marked your openings then cut the openings.

catheter bag cover 025

Sew on your buttons and voila, a catheter bag cover!

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I decided to use my trusty old pattern from August 2012 to make a pair of booties for a small newborn baby and by using a size smaller needles was able to make some very little booties. The sole also needed to be cut a bit smaller.

I’ve rewritten the pattern below so the main stitch is a garter stitch to make it look more modern, but have kept the moss stitch along the top of the foot. The hat I knitted is called “Newborn Cozy Cap” by Cathy Payson.

Sheepskin soled booties and hat 011

Sheepskin Soled Bootie Pattern Sizes: 0–3 (3–6, 6–12) months

Materials: 1x 50gm ball of double knit wool, 3.25 mm and 4 mm straight needles, 2 twisted cords or ribbon (30 cm) long, a pair of sheepskin soles.

Bootie Upper: (Make 2 the same)
Using larger needles 4mm, Cast on 43 (49, 55) sts.

Starting with a knit row, garter stitch 9 (11, 13) rows.

Then, Row 1: k 24 (28, 30), k2tog tbl, turn.
Row 2: (K1, p1) 2 (3, 3) times, k1, p2tog, turn.
Row 3: (P1, k1) 2 (3, 3) times, p1, k2tog tbl, turn.
Row 4: (K1, p1) 2 (3, 3) times, k1, p2tog, turn.
Repeat Rows 3–4 until 31 (33, 37) sts rem.
Next row: (P1, k1) 2 (3, 3) times, p1, k2tog tbl, knit to end—30 (32, 36) sts.
Change to smaller 3.25 mm needles.
rib k1, p1, for 2 rows.
Next row (eyelet row): K1, p1 *yo, p2tog; rep from * to end.
Rib 17 (19, 19) rows.
Cast off on next row.

Finishing: Join the back seam. Pin and sew the knitted upper on to a prepared sheepskin sole. Thread a twisted cord or ribbon through the eyelets of each bootee.

Sheepskin soled booties and hat 004

Sheepskin sole:

On a piece of paper, mark the length you want your sole to be, about 9.5cm (11.5cm, 13.5cm). Draw in a sole shape like a kidney and there is your pattern. Trace around it on to sheepskin making sure you have a right and left foot. Cut out with scissors and trim the wool to about a cm thick. Use a hole punch to evenly space sewing or crochet holes around the edge.

Sheepskin soled booties and hat 001

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I’m feeling pretty happy with my other half today. After work he brought up from the shed the two bedside tables he’s been making from recycled rimu. He’s done a cracking job and I love the finish the three coats of Danish oil has given them. They’re now in the guest room awaiting visitors…

bedside tables 2bedside tables 3bedside tables 1

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