‘Woodland Bears’ Dress

Good project for a windy Saturday. The pattern is ‘New Look 6269’, fabric from ‘Buzoku, Woodland Bears’. It’s a cotton duck and has a nice structural feel.

bears dress 007


Reusable Fabric Shopping Bags

I won’t lie, I’m going to miss those plastic bags that are so useful for everything from giving veges away in to taking togs to the beach in. Around here they get used until they fall apart. Still, I do agree that they are awful pollutants and can be a pain in the ocean, so very shortly they will be goneski from the supermarkets and a whole new industry in promotional fabric bags will spring up. I’m pre-empting the need to purchase by making my own with a very simple pattern. Sorry about the imperial measurements, all of the cutting and measuring quilting tools that come out of the States are still in inches (?) The dimensions are 14.5 inches square for the front and back, 6 x 14.5 inches rectangles for the sides and base. Handles are 2.5 x 14.5 inches folded in half, stitched and turned. The lining is the same dimension.

shopping bags 009

Back in July I made three Christmas quilts for a friend out of fabric she had collected. Since then they’ve had an addition to the family and the scraps came back to me to try and put another quilt together. This is definitely the last, after this there isn’t enough to make even a stocking for an elf.

stamps and christmas quilt 011stamps and christmas quilt 009stamps and christmas quilt 007


Wilding Apple Trees

Over winter I dug up a few wilding apple trees that were growing at the side of the road, no doubt germinated from apple cores thrown out of car windows. Now that spring is here they are leafing up quite nicely, who knows what the apples will be like, but in the meantime I’m hoping they will help pollinate my peasgood nonsuch this year. The cuttings I took last year from that tree are flowering at the tips, not sure if that means there will be roots underneath but it looks hopeful. The greenhouse has been planted way earlier that I can outside too, it’s warm today but I’m sure we’ll get more frosts yet here in the South Waikato!

wilding apple trees and spring planting 008wilding apple trees and spring planting 009wilding apple trees and spring planting 001

Kid’s Crafts

At four and five our grand kids really enjoyed ‘doing’ these crafts with some help. The borax crystal names were ready by the next day and the miniature gardens were an instant success with their little solar light glowing at night and a swing suspended from the handle.

For the crystal names, help them form their name in cursive writing with coloured pipe cleaners, then suspend them in a borax solution: 3 tablespoons of borax to 1 cup of hot water and some food colouring. I added extra borax to make it work well but shouldn’t have, the solution over crystalised. The name was then suspended on a skewer with fishing line. Next day we hung them outside to drip dry.

kid's crafts 012kid's crafts 011kid's crafts 006kid's crafts 005

Lemon Meringue Pie

Who knew you could brown the top of your lemon meringue pie with your embossing heat gun tool … #when your grill won’t brown the sides of your meringue

lemon meringue pie 006

Flowering Tulip Quilt

I have an older friend that recently handed me over an unfinished quilt. Her daughter had made a good start but it went into storage for fifteen years waiting for someone to complete it. My friend gave me the freedom of taking what was there and finishing it however I wanted, so I had the fun of opening the box and making my own plan of how to go forward, ignoring the instructions and doing what I liked. We were both happy with the result and I had something to do in between projects, a win, win scenario 🙂

Eli Lydia Ari quilt, beanie pirate 005flowering tulip quilt 017flowering tulip quilt 015flowering tulip quilt 013