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This quilt is destined for the studio wing of the rest home and is based on a photo composition from our back lawn looking over toward Mount Maungatautari. The quilt sky is made of crazy log cabin patches with hand embroidery embellishment. My dilemma was then how do I machine quilt it to the wadding and backing with embroidery all over it. My solution was to ignore the embellishment and machine quilt over it. Now there is lots of texture and it’s ready to hang.

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 001a

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 007

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 010

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 004

sunset 004

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I made this quilt a while ago but haven’t posted it before ‘cos I was saving it for Amy’s Quilt Festival. However I just can’t seem to link to it (being a bit techno challenged! If you want to see some great quilts, you’ll find some at “http://amyscreativeside.com/” Click on the festival button and hey presto.

My crazy quilt was inspired by wanting to capture the look of cross section slides of muscle striations – those red cells look amazing under the microscope. I wanted to practise some embroidery stitches as well as having a quilt to work on in the evenings, so making up crazy quilting blocks then embellishing each join filled in many winter months. Every time I look at this quilt, the vibrant reds and hours I spent doing it give me a real buzz!

Crazy quilt for a queen sized bed. 82"x82"


Embroidery close up on seam



One of the aims was to learn new stitches


Happy with the snail


and the pukeko


The quilting is stitch in the ditch and buttons are sewn on the underside at the midddle of each block to hold the layers together.

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Have made a new knitting needle bag with crazy quilting…

I lost all my embroidery cottons in the shift but someone has already kindly given me a few to carry on with!

love that fushia stitch at the bottom

Knitted a little beanie from a super simple pattern…

Might line it yet so it's not too itchy

And finally, yay the garden is planted in broccolli, caulis, beetroot, garlic, cabbage, beetroot and broad beans. It’ll be a miracle if they grow with the frosts we’ve been having…

The dirt is almost pure manure scraped off the cows feed pad so the veges will either die of shock or grow well!

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