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Gymnastics is a happy part of Lydia’s life at the moment so it seemed like a fun idea to make an appropriate cake topper for her 6th birthday. I wanted to use a medium that would dry hard and keep it’s shape. If only the gum paste had lived up to my optimistic expectations! It dried hard, but also seemed dry, hard to work with and cracked like crazy. The only thing I had on hand was vegetable shortening which kind of worked to make it more pliable, it wasn’t wonderful but was better. Anyhoo, next time I might try modelling paste, apparently it doesn’t dry out as fast.

The rainbow sponge cake went better. Gel colours gave a good strong colour to the batter and cream cheese icing made everything taste good. Lydia was happy and that’s the main thing!

gymnast rainbow cake 004

Adding vegetable shortening made it a bit easier to work with but wasn’t completely successful.

gymnast rainbow cake 010gymnast rainbow cake 014gymnast rainbow cake 025IMG-2742IMG-2749


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