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Fiddle/activity cushion for man

This activity cushion for someone with dementia has an alkathene pipe and nut abacus, a pocket with keys and a tape measure sewn inside, on the other side it has canvas sandpaper sewn on, a button and flap to button down and a soft toy tethered inside.

This one is much the same but is made of teddy bear fur, has a small purse with a hanky tethered inside and has ribbons to feel on the other side. In case you don’t know what they are for, folk who are restless in the home and are wanting to pick at something or have something for their hands to fiddle with find them quite soothing… but only sometimes. Other times they get thrown onto the floor!

The Koru Cory made a few years ago is aging nicely!

And finally, this amazing poppy came out overnight. Gorgeous colour and it was just in a packet of wildflower seeds.

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