With a special little one on its way, it was time to have a go at a pop art quilt. I really like the clean silhouettes of children’s book illustrations from the 50’s so that was what I looked for when I gathered up the animal shapes. The fabrics are a mix of batik and prints and give a vintage vibe while still being fresh. I had fun making it, looking forward to the little grandie’s arrival now!

pop art quilt 003pop art quilt 011pop art quilt 013pop art quilt 014pop art quilt 017pop art quilt 018pop art quilt 007

Elephant cot quilt

A few months ago, Colleen Redit spoke at our church about her work in India with the Christian Mission Charitable Trust. If you google her name you’ll come up with her web site. I bought one of the elephant wall hangings off their fund raising craft table and have turned it in to a cot quilt for one of my friends :)

elephant cot quilt 003

elephant cot quilt 006

Plus Quilt

Proceeds from raffling off this ‘plus’ quilt are going to the NZ Red Cross. I used Lauren Grande’s design of how to put it together.

plus quilt 016

plus quilt 014



Sunset over Maungatautari

This quilt is destined for the studio wing of the rest home and is based on a photo composition from our back lawn looking over toward Mount Maungatautari. The quilt sky is made of crazy log cabin patches with hand embroidery embellishment. My dilemma was then how do I machine quilt it to the wadding and backing with embroidery all over it. My solution was to ignore the embellishment and machine quilt over it. Now there is lots of texture and it’s ready to hang.

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 001a

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 007

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 010

quilt sunset on Mangatautari 004

sunset 004

Tartan Bubble Shorts

I think the bubble shorts around at the moment are such fun. Had a go at making a pair using some left over tartan fabric from a long forgotten project. By using a modified combination of ‘elegance and elephant’s pocket capris tutorial’ and ‘ikat bag’s: How to sew shorts,’ here’s my version of a little girl’s bubble shorts.

tartan bubble shorts 001

T Rex Cake

Inspiration for this T Rex cake came from Karen Sullivan’s, ‘Step by Step cake decorating,’ book. With a few modifications her generic dinosaur became a T Rex. I’d never used ‘rice crispie treat’ to mold into body parts before and it worked really well for the tail and snout. Found a recipe on line using melted marshmallows and rice bubbles and it worked fine. Yum.

T Rex cake 005

two bowl shaped cakes and other body parts ready to assemble

T Rex cake 010

head and body crumb coated with butter icing ready for fondant

T Rex cake 011

a sheet of bees wax gave a good skin texture


These fifteen hotties and knitted covers are ready to send to the refugee centre in Auckland. They might not need them until next year with spring well under way. I used the pattern from 28th July 2015.

knitted hot water bottle covers

knitted hot water bottle covers


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