Tiger Cake

For Eli’s eighth birthday cake, this year he chose to have a tiger which was a very cool challenge! To give the face shape I used crushed rice bubbles and melted marshmallows to sculpt the ears, brow and nose area. I had to put them back in the microwave a few seconds to soften and resculpt several times. Everything was then covered in a thin coat of buttercream and the orange, white and black fondant gave the detailing. Fortunately the stripes and tail covered up most of the folds and creases I made in the orange fondant when trying to handle such a huge piece of fondant. Anyhoo, Eli was happy on the day and that’s the main thing 🙂


Good Old Kombiknit!

I haven’t used this pattern for over 30 years! I still remember going to those stretch knit classes at the Tokoroa sewing centre, where over successive weeks we mastered teeshirts, sweatshirts, placket openings and how not to get your undies in a twist. Making clothes helped make ends meet way back then, and the satisfaction was huge. Fun to have one pattern remaining, just for old times sake, made a singlet for the new wee grandson 🙂

Kombiknit singlet

Variegated Iris Flower

Funny the things you never notice. I’ve carted around a clump of varigated iris bulbs from house to house and always admired their attractive foliage. Out in the garden after work and for the first time noticed these very small and nondescript iris flowers. Nothing to get excited about and I still love the foliage, but nice to finally notice the flowers after all these years!

varigated iris flower

Angle Iron Tea Trolley

I was more than chuffed when Stan brought this tea trolley up from his workshop. Made from scrap angle iron with a long bolt handle and rose wood shelves, it works perfectly for home group. While he was on a roll he turned an old car jack into a toilet roll holder. 3 year old Ari had great fun turning the handle and making the roll go up and down 🙂

angle iron tea trolley 006angle iron tea trolley 009angle iron tea trolley 010

Muslin Wraps

I recently bought 10 metres of white muslin to make baby wraps. I would have preferred coloured fabric but just couldn’t find any that was reasonably priced. I used two layers, 110cm x 110cm which made very generous sized wraps. There are so many cool dye colours but I settled on the denim blue and Kelly green, lets hope the colours don’t bleed in the wash!

white muslin wrapsdyed wraps

Gymnastics is a happy part of Lydia’s life at the moment so it seemed like a fun idea to make an appropriate cake topper for her 6th birthday. I wanted to use a medium that would dry hard and keep it’s shape. If only the gum paste had lived up to my optimistic expectations! It dried hard, but also seemed dry, hard to work with and cracked like crazy. The only thing I had on hand was vegetable shortening which kind of worked to make it more pliable, it wasn’t wonderful but was better. Anyhoo, next time I might try modelling paste, apparently it doesn’t dry out as fast.

The rainbow sponge cake went better. Gel colours gave a good strong colour to the batter and cream cheese icing made everything taste good. Lydia was happy and that’s the main thing!

gymnast rainbow cake 004

Adding vegetable shortening made it a bit easier to work with but wasn’t completely successful.

gymnast rainbow cake 010gymnast rainbow cake 014gymnast rainbow cake 025IMG-2742IMG-2749


Vest with Train

Knitted up one of my favourite vest patterns (Sublime’s Henry Tank) and used this train chart from a thrift shop magazine, I think it must be from the 80’s. Knitted to fit a three year old and cut the chart down so it fitted onto a smaller vest.

train on vest 001train chart