Denim Skirt Bag

The key to making a good bag is to find the right skirt to start with. I like a flared skirt with a front zip and pockets. If it’s long enough, you can use the hem you cut off to make a shoulder strap. It looks best if you line it and add a large dome to close the top. I’ve embellished this one with applique flowers but you can leave it plain if you prefer.


South Waikato River Quilt

Years ago I saved one of my son’s school painting projects from the bin thinking that ‘one day’ I’d use it for something. With some added applique it’s now heading to Rangiura as a wall hanging, show casing some of the flora and fauna found around our local water ways.



Rainbow trout


Little grebe

Thread painted Cow collage

Another quilt for the rest home planned in collaboration with Yvonne. She drew me a fantastic cow and I filled it in with fabric and thread. We’ve put it on top of an old, tired itijeme quilt that had passed it’s best … quilt recycling! I was inspired by a master of collage and thread painting, Sophie Standing, take a look at her stuff on line, it’s amazing.


Seed germination success

This year I’ve bought two big plastic containers from the Warehouse and had good success in germinating my seeds in them. For the first week they were well watered then sat inside by the sunny ranch slider with their lids on. Once the seeds were just sprouted they were easy enough to put in a sunny place outside with the lids off or if the day was too rainy the lids stayed on outside getting the light, then brought inside with the lids on overnight.At three weeks I’m happy to have healthy looking seedlings ready to pot on.


Piano backing quilt

When there is a free standing piano, how do you make the back of it look pretty? I’ll take any excuse to make a quilt of course!


Home made fabric badges

Sometimes it’s gratifying to make something low tech, fast and simple. Once again plastic containers, scraps of wadding, safety pins and fabric remnants are all the materials you need. Choose the size you want your badge and cut the other templates from there.

wool birds & badges 013wool birds & badges 011

Gather wadding over plastic circle, gather material over wadding, stitch pin to felt circle then sew on the back of the badge. Done🙂

Blended Rainbow Cot Quilt

I really like making a quilt that is planned for somebody special. It lets you add specific quirks just for the one you’re making it for. With a new nephew on the way, this cot quilt was so much fun to make. The pukeko pecking the seedling is ‘cos Raglan is full of the pesky garden raiders, the dog is for Dharma who has been the beloved only child for the last 16 years, the puffer fish for the beach, monarch butterflies roost in Raglan trees over winter and the rainbow is for this colourful little family.

Tuck day out 013Tuck day out 015Tuck day out 014Tuck day out 016blended rainbow cot quiltt 005